Erik Rosenkranz
Third- to Fifth-Grade Team Teacher

Erik is one of those teachers who people remember. Kids warm to his genuine curiosity about the world while parents trust his experience and vision. Erik has more than 15 years of experience teaching in public and Montessori private school settings in a variety of multi-aged learning environments. He is known to create a safe and nurturing community, one that encourages students, parents, and staff alike to become excited about their potential.

Erik helps each child to recognize their potential. He believes that once a learner’s passion is revealed, it can be leveraged — not only to the greater interest of the learner, but in the interest of the classroom, family, community, and ultimately the world at large.

Erik is passionate about woodworking and wire art. He is an NCAA Division Three Decathlon Champion as well as a two-time NCAA All American title-holder. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Science and Mathematics and a master's degree in Education.

“Erik is undoubtedly one of those rare individuals that have a true calling for teaching and a clear vision of how to achieve his goals regarding his students. It would not be unreasonable to refer to him as being an inspirational teacher; one that students, lucky enough to have him, will remember throughout their lives.” - Maria and Andrew Haslam, Parents of two former students