Lisa Martinelli
First Grade Teacher

Lisa is one of the newest additions to our teaching team. She is a Seattle native with over 15 years of teaching and leadership experience. She spent many of those years as both a parent and teacher in cooperative schools. This experience kindled an appreciation for working alongside parents in the classroom. She is grateful to be a part of a school community like KapKa’s where parent contributions are not only valued, but seen as integral to providing children with an enriching education.

Lisa loves to incorporate humor and playfulness into her teaching, believing that children should experience learning as enjoyable, even when it’s challenging, and that we all learn better when emotionally engaged. She is dedicated to helping each child find their unique voice to feel seen, heard, and understood as a part of the community.

Lisa has an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Seattle University, and is a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Outside of the classroom, Lisa stays busy researching topics that spark her interest or inform her practice, spending time with her partner, John, and their four children, and trying to keep track of their various, and ever-changing, food preferences.

Quote from Jana Robbins, former board member and parent:

“Lisa really understands the developmental needs of children and uses her creativity, resourcefulness, and wide-ranging skills to create curriculum they find so fun they don’t even know they are learning. When Lisa doesn’t know something, she works to become an expert. Much of who I am as a teacher today is due to Lisa’s incredible example and ability to pass that knowledge on to others.”