Mission Statement

KapKa Cooperative School is a dynamic community of children, parents and teachers working together to create an inclusive, experiential learning environment that fosters capable and compassionate lifelong learners.


Values Statements

At KapKa, we believe:

  • Children are inherently kind, caring, and curious and have vast potential to contribute uniquely and positively to the world.
  • Academic, social-emotional, and physical learning are all essential components of a child's education.
  • The learning process—asking questions, testing ideas and making discoveries—is at least as important as the answers we arrive at and the products we create.
  • Experiential and integrated learning allows children to gain meaningful understandings, access useful knowledge, make informed choices, and become flexible problem-solvers. 
  • Emergent curriculum, which incorporates student voice and choice, allows children to be fully engaged and invested in their learning.
  • A safe, supportive school environment fosters confidence and independence in children by empowering them to take risks and responsibility.
  • Growth in all areas of development (intellectual, social-emotional and physical) requires honest and supportive feedback and regular, meaningful reflection.
  • A reciprocal (respectful and sustainable) relationship with the natural world and the human community in which we live is the ultimate goal of education.
  • Active participation by parents, both in and out of the classroom, is integral to creating and sustaining a dynamic, nurturing and connected learning community.


Pedagogy Statements

At KapKa, we . . .

Learn as a Community
At KapKa we acknowledge that every individual, adult and child alike, is both a teacher and a learner. By creating a community where we are each part of something bigger than ourselves, we recognize our need for belonging and commit to becoming cooperative and responsible members of society. To make positive contributions to any community, children must learn empathy and compassion, and must develop problem solving skills. Together, we create and maintain a series of traditions and celebrations that support this sense of togetherness and allow every member of the community to contribute and benefit in meaningful ways.

Consider the Whole Child
At KapKa we embrace the uniqueness of each individual and their contributions to the learning community. We encourage children to know themselves as physical, social-emotional, and intellectual beings. We support them as they recognize their strengths and challenges so that they can grow into confident, compassionate, and productive members of society.

Honor Student Voice & Choice
At KapKa we recognize children as innately curious and inherently capable and therefore give them the space to cultivate and demonstrate ownership of and responsibility for their learning. We incorporate their interests in developing curriculum and invite them to co-create their learning with support and guidance from adults and classmates. Children are active participants in every step of the learning process, from defining the focus of their studies to evaluating their success.

Learn Experientially
At KapKa we organize learning around problems, projects and questions that often emerge directly from children’s experiences and interests, allowing and encouraging students to engage in these topics in personally meaningful ways. We provide opportunities for children to solve problems collaboratively, applying a broad range of strategies and skills in real-world contexts. We also give them many chances to share and celebrate their work with the community through authentic products and performances. Through these learning experiences and regular practice in sharing their knowledge and skills, children develop confidence in and deep understanding of the subjects they study.

Foster Curiosity, Creativity and Critical Thinking
At KapKa we provide a safe, supportive, engaging learning environment so that children are encouraged to think outside the box, take risks, experience challenges, expect and learn from mistakes, demonstrate resilience, and celebrate success. As a result, children explore the things they are curious about, express themselves creatively, and develop critical thinking skills.

Provide an Appropriate Level of Academic Challenge
At KapKa we remain aware of each child’s readiness, interest and learning style through ongoing, authentic assessments.  This informs the learning materials and activities we provide and the ways we support their growth. We also facilitate their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses so they learn to identify the “right-size jobs” for themselves.

Work Collaboratively
At KapKa we design a multi-age and cooperative learning environment that allows children to learn with and from one another and the adults in their community. There is a constant buzz in our classrooms as children share ideas, negotiate problems and work toward common goals supported by their parents and teachers. Children learn to give and share meaningful feedback to one another and incorporate the perspectives of others into their thinking.

Dedicate Ourselves to Social and Ecological Justice
At KapKa we are committed to expanding our awareness and appreciation of the diversity of life, both within our school community and outside our walls. We foster empathetic citizens who aspire to engage in and improve the lives of others and to be stewards of the environment.