Nadine Smith,
Kindergarten Teacher

Nadine believes in creating a learning space where children feel safe, nurtured and inspired. As a kindergarten teacher she is passionate about creating a classroom both indoors and outdoors where children can freely express their ideas, find joy in their learning and connect themselves to a larger community and the natural world.

Nadine received a master's degree in Education from Lesley University in Massachusetts. Lesley is well known for its excellence in pre-K and elementary education, as well as its philosophy of education that promotes the value of artistic expression and the power of integrating arts into the curriculum and classroom. Nadine has been teaching in a variety of early elementary populations for more than 10 years, which has taught her that children learn best when given space to play and explore.

Both of Nadine’s children attend KapKa, and she is grateful for the leadership, compassion and love of learning they are gaining through their experience.