Nichole Stratton
Third- to Fifth-Grade Team Teacher

Nichole came to KapKa from Wisconsin, where she taught middle school Language Arts and served as an advisor to sixth grade students. In these roles she discovered the joy of helping students become passionate, skilled readers and reflective, ever-growing thinkers and change-makers. Nichole also completed part of her student teaching program in rural Uganda, where she learned the value of a close community, flexibility, and a strong connection with nature. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a minor in French.

Nichole is helping KapKa kids grow into people who respect one another and their surroundings, have a passion for learning, think critically, and share their wonderings. What Nichole values most about KapKa is how students are respected as intelligent, kind, and capable co-creators of learning. Nichole sees her role as guiding students along their journey to become the best possible versions of themselves: people who seek to understand and improve their world.

Outside of school, Nichole enjoys reading, practicing yoga, playing frisbee, singing, taking pictures, spending time with friends, calling distant family members, and traveling. She is eagerly taking advantage of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer by hiking, camping, kayaking, and skiing as much as possible!