Parent Community

KapKa parents are a true community of people working together, supporting each other and taking ownership of their school.

At KapKa, parents have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside their children. Parents get to participate firsthand in their children's education, drawing inspiration from KapKa's talented teachers as they instruct and mentor the students. As a cooperative, parents participate in all aspects of school management and work alongside each other in the classroom. They get to know the students and develop relationships with fellow KapKa families, building a strong network of community for themselves and their children. 

Beyond the classroom, KapKa parents form a caring community that relies on and trusts each other. Parents come together socially to enjoy the company of one another, they work together to strengthen the school and celebrate its nearly three decades of rich traditions. The community lends a helping hand when a new baby arrives, or when a family faces an illness, or when someone simply needs a ride. 

The bonds may develop slowly, growing into friendships that can span the years.

"As parents, we come to KapKa with as many viewpoints as our children. Within this community I have learned new ways of looking at parenting and relating to others. No doubt about it — being at KapKa is a big commitment — but it is one that pays you back ten-fold." — KapKa parent