Stephanie Guity,
Second Grade Teacher

Stephanie joined KapKa after several years of teaching pre-K in a Reggio-Emilia inspired school. In this setting she implemented a project-based teaching approach, conducted action-based research with children, and documented learning outcomes. She believes it is through this type education that children become joyful learners and flexible thinkers.

When you enter Stephanie’s classroom, you'll feel the the buzz of excitement and hear a quiet hum of kids working cooperatively. You'll see students interacting with a variety of materials and Stephanie guiding them through inquiry-based learning that drives the curriculum and inspires children's thinking. She recognizes the creative, curious and intellectual capacities of each child and challenges him or her to ask questions, take risks and grow as a learner.

Stephanie sees herself as a lifelong learner and eagerly collaborates with other professionals who share a progressive education mindset. She is an active participant in the Reggio Round Table, which brings together educators from the Seattle area for discussions about project-based work. She has traveled nationally to a variety of educational conferences to build her expertise. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Western Washington University.