Insights on KapKa

Both of my kids have done their early elementary years at KapKa. What I appreciate about KapKa is the way that children are encouraged to ask questions and learn what is important to them rather than just master prescribed content. My elder son is now in the APP program for middle school. He was never bored at KapKa. It’s also just cool to have your kids be happy at school.
— Shannon, KapKa parent
Our daughter is a KapKa kindergartner and absolutely in love with her school. The class sizes are smaller so she has the opportunity to be a leader among her peers and reap the benefits of plenty of personal attention. When she started school, she was anxious academically and afraid to take chances and make mistakes.

In KapKa’s nurturing, positive environment she’s blossomed and is eager to delve into reading and math, even when she doesn’t get the right answers the first time. She has a fall birthday making her older for her grade, but KapKa does a lot of blending of different classes so older and younger students have lots of chances to mix.
— Lisa, KapKa parent
Our son is a highly energetic, but very positive, little boy who could easily become a “trouble maker” with a teacher who was overloaded or didn’t understand him. At Kapka his exuberance is celebrated and gently guided and nurtured to be a tool that is going to serve him for the rest of his life. And my son certainly doesn’t have a monopoly on happy energy. Any time I have seen the Kapka kids at school there are smiles all around and you can see the inquisitive curiosity that the teachers cultivate.
— Gary, KapKa parent
I think what I love about KapKa is the trust they have in children to blossom when they are ready. They provide the rich soil and the kids sprout and grow at surprising leaps when the conditions are right.
— Scott, KapKa parent
Our daughter is thriving at KapKa School. Things we love: small class sizes, top-notch teachers, rich curriculum that encourages investigation and independent thinking, strong community traditions, public service orientation, ample outdoor time, solid literacy and math teaching.

At KapKa, education is focused on the whole child, not just meeting test scores. My daughter is learning how to be in a community, be a friend, talk about emotions and problems. On the first day of school, she was greeted by an older “buddy” who took her hand and showed her around her new school, a small example of how caring for others is modeled and taught.
— Laura, KapKa Parent
Sending my daughter to Kapka was one of the best decisions our family has made. We chose Kapka for the small community that we thought would be ideal for our shy apprehensive girl. In the first month at Kapka she was comfortable and happy to go to school everyday. Particularly impressive following three years of dragging her out the door to preschool.
— Melissa, KapKa parent