It's not too late!
We're still accepting applications for 2015-16

KapKa is growing and we still have space available for next year. Our tours are over for the year, but we have teachers and parents ready to share our fantastic programs.

Contact our registrar at

KapKa Cooperative School
510 N 49th St,
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 522-0350

The Freedom to Learn

KapKa Cooperative School is a welcoming and inclusive community of children, teachers, and parents who see learning as a life-long and cooperative process. Our goal is to help children become capable and responsible individuals who believe in themselves, respect the views of others, follow their passions, and contribute to their world.

Our school was founded in 1988 by Ladell Black, a botanist, former Peace Corps worker, and long-time teacher. Black chose the name KapKa, an English approximation of a Klamath word for a small evergreen tree, as a metaphor for the natural growth that occurs when a child is rooted in a nurturing environment.

At KapKa, we believe the role of the teachers is to create an academically stimulating environment where learning happens naturally. Because each child learns best in a different way, KapKa teachers integrate multiple disciplines – writing, math, art, outdoor exploration, experimentation – to help children unlock their passion and comprehension. Children are empowered to problem solve and make decisions that shape the direction of their learning and school operations, providing a deeper understanding of living with the consequences of their choices.

Parents assist teachers in the classroom and have an integral role in running the school. The experience, commitment, and creativity of our professional teachers, combined with the talent and dedication of our parents, make KapKa a place of joyful exploration and a supportive community.

KapKa recorded a CD this year! Watch our music video!