KapKa relies on the generosity of our families, alumni and extended community to sustain our school and to help us keep tuition as affordable as possible. Maintaining tuition and fees that are much lower than those of traditional private schools makes KapKa accessible to a more diverse range of families and makes our community richer. However, our lower tuition does not cover all of the costs of our program: small class sizes; excellent teachers and specialists; hands-on learning; community events; and tuition assistance.

If you believe that KapKa’s model of joyful learning should continue to thrive and to be available to more children, now and into the future, please help by making a donation here. Thank you for playing an invaluable role in the history and future of our beloved KapKa School. It takes a village!

To donate using PayPal below. Or you can mail your check to: The Registrar, 510 N 49th St,  Seattle, WA 98103. All donations are tax deductible.